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Museum of 1812











Project: Museum of 1812
Client: State Historical Museum
Location: Russia, Moscow
Project start date: 10.05.2012
Date of project execution: 04.09.2012

For the 200th anniversary of the Patriotic War of 1812, a new museum dedicated to this great event and historical periods before and after it was opened in Moscow. The idea of museum creation was born as far back as in 1839, but only nowadays it was embodied. The "Museum of 1812" is located in the historical center of Moscow, in the building of the former Lenin Museum, now the State Historical Museum. For the new museum a two-story pavilion of a special design with exhibition area of around 2,000 square meters was specially constructed in place of internal space of the Museum of History connecting the building of the Mint, a survivor of the war in 1812, and the old building of the City Council, built in the XIX century. The exposition is built in chronological order and consists of presentation area and ten topic sections.

The State Historical Museum has its own large, interesting fund. The bases of the exhibition were exhibits collected for the 100th anniversary of the war in 1812, many of which have survived in single copies. This fact alone makes the museum interesting and unique. However, the installing company was set a task to create a new "museum image," of this significant époque for the whole period of European history, plunging the visitor into the atmosphere of bygone times and events with the help of media. To achieve this goal, the team of INTmedia.ru joined the work early in the stage of development of scientific and artistic concepts of the future museum. As a result, the project was created, which includes the use of all the possibilities of modern media as an artistic, educational and cognitive means. One of the objectives was to meet the challenge of a very short time - three and a half months from pre-design studies before putting the complex into operation.

The main difficulties in work were due to the architectural features of the room. These are the typical difficulties arising almost always at the sites of historical value: severe possibilities limitations for installation of equipment and laying of networks and wires. The museum is a two-level pavilion, set on multimeter steel trusses, so that it does not touch the ancient walls at all. Marble floors, glass cubicle along the perimeter of the two floors, height of the ceiling from 9 to 12 meters - all of these features led to the selected engineering and technology solutions.

The exposition is equipped with a large number of projection systems, some ones are set in a very difficult locations. For installation consisting of two separately located high wall screens operating in synchrony and showing panoramic movement of troops with video transitions from the one wall to the other the solution on the basis of ultra-short throw projectors Panasonic PT-CX200 was selected: by 2 projectors for each wall, one - for mounting on top of the other - from the bottom in a special mini-cubicle on the floor. Thus, on each of the screens a vertically located panorama composed of two images was obtained. In order to correct the geometry, seamless images convergence and footage synchronization within each screen and between them, as well as to synchronize video with audio monitors and audio guides WATCHOUT software was used. In the entrance area and in several other places multiple screens are set - projection system and LCD panels spaced apart the exposition, operating on a single scenario and synchronized with sound systems. This decision is also based on the use of WATCHOUT options. In projection systems located at the entrance to the museum, on 4.5-meter rods professional grade projectors projectiondesign F32 are installed, providing a color-saturated high contrast image, which is important in rather high degree of the room lighting.

Sound systems
In multiple information display systems installed in the museum, the directional audio systems are used. Design features of the room and exhibition design - elongated space, divided into compartments by means of lightweight structures - arches, made the company specialists to solve a difficult task of acoustic project developing. Glass walls, marble floors are ideal conditions for creation of distortion. Multimedia systems with different sound accompaniment located close to each other cast doubt on the reproduction of phonograms without sound overlapping. To address these problems audio monitors Panphonics were selected, when properly configured, they provide a truly directional and precise sound. In addition, flat and nearly invisible speakers were well suited from the aesthetic point of view. All sound systems, including audio guides with excursions in a number of foreign languages are synchronized with video footage by media server with WATCHOUT.

Interactive capabilities
For educational, informative and simply entertainment purposes a large number of interactive devices: kiosks, panels, tables, display cases are used in the exposition. One of the unique solutions in this project, which has no analogues in the Russian practice are interactive displays created in collaboration with the Russian company "Borey". Under display case glass a display with high resolution of 1920 by 1200 pixels is integrated, and on the inside of the glass a multi-touch film is installed. This design allowed to observe important from the point of view of safety of exhibits storage requirement – the display case is completely sealed, and it is at the same time accessible to the public. On either side of the screen the real exhibits without labeling are placed. Touch monitor is an information and interactive terminal and gives visitors the possibility to view the presented objects and learn about them to the smallest detail, from different angles and in different scale. It is important that the display case is connected with the museum cataloguer and the specialists of the museum are able to change its content themselves, adding or subtracting actual exhibits along with their virtual models. By filling the directory, it is possible to specify visibility, and high-quality digitized image of the object, as well as hypertext information about it will appear in the display case. Interesting and having no analogues in Russian and European museums, devoted to this subject, is created with the most detailed three-dimensional reconstruction of the battle of Borodino, presented on a large interactive desktop. Since 3D-reconstruction recreates the events of battle, as they were from the height of the "bird's eye", to get the right impression, the company's engineers decided on a non-standard location of the display on height of only half a meter from the floor. The second interactive table is dedicated to games - history quiz. In addition, near each topic section of the exhibition information kiosks with navigation and historical references for the periods presented are mounted. For these systems the specialists of INTmedia.ru developed original software that allows the museum employees to add, remove, change and combine elements, both text and images, including on-line mode as well.

INTmedia.ru specialists believe that not only the creation of technical design, custom engineering approach to the use of existing technologies, installation of equipment, but the development of multimedia content as well - all together - creates a comprehensive audiovisual solution. INTmedia.ru company in total created 3 hours of video, 1 hour of animated maps, several hours of phonograms.

The end result of the joint work of INTmedia.ru specialists with artists and research assistants of the museum was a large-scale integrated solution: not only a technical concept of the museum, which includes a number of unique solutions was designed and implemented, but also the whole multimedia content of the exposition was created. The complex is easy to use and minimizes the involvement of museum employees with specialized technical skills – everything is switched on and off with one button.

All specialists who participated in the creation of the museum hope that it always will be interesting to the visitors. INTmedia.ru engineers in the technical concept of the project tried to lay all the conditions for the further development of the most important part of the exhibition - the content. The solutions used allow museum specialists complement and update most information systems themselves. The complex is fully open both for possible upgrade, as well as for expansion.


Alexander Shkurko, President of the State Historical Museum: "Digital technology is know-how by itself, in the museum sense, because here, in my opinion, the harmony is achieved by the author and developer between traditional museum exhibition of a number of objects and active involvement and information technologies, and multimedia technologies".
Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation: "This is not just a collection of exhibits of that period, but also the most modern multimedia technologies, which, in my opinion, is absolutely true, because any museum today, is a synthesis of the actual exhibits, relics of the past and current approaches modern accessories, modern ways of reports of various historical events, so I hope here the history will come alive".


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